Do you want to restore your kitchen and bathroom tiles to a spotless and grime-free finish? The expert tile and grout cleaning Perth professionals of Miss Maid are here to your rescue!

Undoubtedly, fats and oils impregnate grout and cause deep-seated discolouration, especially in the kitchen. Not anymore! Our tile and grout cleaning Perth services will restore your tiles to an immaculate condition, leaving you with a fresh and clean tiled area always.

Choose us for your tile and grout cleaning needs because:

  • We have all the licenses and insurance that are required to operate in the city we service in.
  • We have the best techniques to clean any type of flooring surface.
  • Our technicians are fully trained and background checked.
  • We are capable of fixing any problem without any hassle.
  • We offer generous discounts and coupons on all services for all the customers.
Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth
Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

Our Core Tile Cleaning Services in Perth

Miss Maid provides complete residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning Perth. Our services include:

  • Heavy duty tile and grout cleaning

Both tile and grout face heavy build-up of soil and grease. Our powerful cleaning process removes all the filth within no time.

  • Grout Haze Removal

Haze generally gets developed on new tiles. Our tile cleaning professionals remove it with their powerful equipment without destroying the look of the tiles.

  • Tile Sealing

Protect your new and freshly laid tiles with our quality coatings and penetrant sealers that help prevent your tile from becoming permanently stained.

  • Grout Sealing

Our quality grout sealer prevents the grout lines from getting damaged.

  • Grout Colour Sealing

Don’t get your grout lines re-grouted. Our grout colour sealing service renews your grout lines without an extra load on your pockets.

We provide our tile and grout cleaning services to a range of sectors including homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, medical centres, child care centres, and commercial shop fit companies, professional and DIY renovators, commercial and industrial business and many others.

Grout Colour Sealing Perth
Grout Colour Sealing Perth

What is Water Based Stain Protection Test?

As stated, soil and dirt get easily trapped in the pores of tile and grout and make them look dirty and shabby.

What’s more?

This dirt and soil, if left untreated, becomes permanent. This provides a suitable environment for mould and mildew to flourish.

But is there any way to check stain protection?

Is there any way to know that your tiles and grout need professional cleaning?

Yes, with simple water-based stain protection test.

What to do?

  • Just take a spoonful of water and pour it on the tile and grout line.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Now check the tiles.
  • Did the water get absorbed, did the colour darken?
  • If yes, your tiles are vulnerable to staining.

To conclude, your tiles and grout lines require professional cleaning.

Tile Water Stain Removal Perth
Tile Water Stain Removal Perth

Leave All the Hard Work to Tile and Grout Cleaners in Perth

Tiles are one of the most abused and overlooked surfaces in a house simply because they involve a lot of cleaning. This is when the expert tile cleaners of Miss Maid help you out by using high-end extraction machines that provide the deepest cleaning possible.

We have the remedy for all your tile, grout and floor problems.

Our customers love to refer us because they know that we won’t let them down. We are into this industry for more than a decade and we have a stellar reputation throughout Perth city.

For more information, you can go through the customer reviews and believe us you shall always find them positive.

Our Reliable Tile Cleaning Process

Are you aware of the fact that home-made cleaning solutions that contain vinegar can damage your grout and also the tiles to some extent?

The reason is vinegar is an acid that breaks the grout. Its continuous use can shred the grout, make it soft and can blacken it with time.

This is perhaps why you must hire professional tile cleaners. Have a look at the process that we follow for cleaning:

  • We start with an inspection of tiles and grout, their type and their year of installation.
  • We check for any existing sealer that you may have applied on the grout earlier. This is important as an old sealer interferes with the cleaning process and sometimes it has to be removed if it is damaged.
  • We vacuum or broom the tiles to remove the superficial filth.
  • Next, we apply a cleaning solution on the tiles and the grout lines, leave them for some time. Next, we agitate them if required.
  • We rinse the tiles with hot water under pressure. This step automatically extracts out all the agitated dirt and leaves your tiles sparkling fresh and clean.
  • We then dry the tiles with powerful air blowers.
  • Lastly, we deodorize and sanitize the whole area so as to kill the smell of the cleaning solutions if any and also the trapped odours of the surroundings.
Tile Cleaning Services
Tile Cleaning Services

Our process is completely safe and can be used in any room or surface of your house. It can also be used on any man-made or natural hard surfaces including ceramic tile, concrete, travertine, slate, porcelain, and marble.

Grout Sealing Process in Perth

Grout sealer is an essential product that should be applied once your tiles are installed properly.

We seal the grout the following way:

  • We start with dry cleaning of the area that has to be sealed.
  • Remove any sealant if any on the grout lines.
  • Apply grout sealer to the grout lines, on request we also colour the grout lines so as to match them perfectly to the surrounding tiled area.
  • The sealer is left for drying.
  • We buff the entire area to remove any excess sealer left behind.
  • The three types of sealers that we use are:
  • Top Coat Sealer.
  • Penetrating Sealer.
  • Impregnating Sealer.
  • Natural Oil Sealer

Efflorescence Treatment Perth

Miss Maid offers a range of tile and grout cleaning services and efflorescence treatment is one of the major services we provide. Efflorescence is the salt-like formations that get deposited onto the surface of tile floors and make the surface to look ugly. You may try to remove these formations from your tiles by using home DIY methods but may get the results. Only the professional tile cleaning services can deliver you the best results. The services we offer a highly efficient and affordable. Call now to get the free quotes.

Efflorescence Treatment Perth
Efflorescence Treatment Perth

Restore Your Tiles with Our Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Perth

Clean tiles and grout lines to prolong their life. Call the professional cleaners of tile and grout cleaning in Perth. Get in touch with us today. We make sure that our tile and grout cleaning services have done the trick. Whether you want residential tile cleaning or commercial tile cleaning services, we can reach you anywhere.

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