The mattress is porous, which helps in staying puffy so that we find it relaxing and cozy when we sleep on them. However, everything has some drawback, the foam mattress due to its porous nature attracts more dust than usual, also get infected with bacteria and germs. Our mattress deals with so many things daily such as dead skin, spills, pollen, mattress dust mites and so on. These things are the main culprit of allergies, irritation in eyes and some discomfort in nose and skin, which results in uncomfortable sleepless nights. Thus, it’s always recommended that besides regular mattress cleaning one should do something extra such as mattress dry cleaning by self to maintain the freshness in the mattress and disinfecting it by doing the mattress sanitization.

Steam cleaning is the best way to treat your carpet but it can be done only once or maybe twice in a year. When you choose mattress steam cleaning, it deals with many things at the same time, such as killing dust mites and disinfecting the mattress and so many other things. But on a temperory basis, mattress dry cleaning is the most suitable thing you can do for your carpet.

Foam Mattress Dry Cleaning
Foam Mattress Dry Cleaning

Here Are Some Methods For Mattress Dry Cleaning.

All the methods mentioned below are effective for mattress cleaning and can be done by anyone. Follow it properly for doing the mattress sanitization and disinfecting the mattress.

Steps For Mattress Dry Cleaning.

  • You need to vacuum clean the mattress first, do a thorough vacuum cleaning, add an upholstery brush attachment and run the vacuum cleaning all over the surface from both sides.
  • Then move towards the stain, treat them first. Apply a commercial stain removal product on the carpet and use a cloth to blot the stain.
  • When there is no stain left, try using borax, borax is a strong disinfectant. Damp the mattress surface using water and then shower some borax on the surface.
  • When the the borax is all dried vacuum the mattress again by attaching the upholstery brush on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, keep vacuuming until the stain is all gone.

This will do the mattress dry cleaning and mattress sanitization, you can keep the mattress in direct sunlight as well to get rid of moisture.

Mattress Sanitization
Mattress Sanitization

Vodka For Mattress Cleaning.

You can use vodka as well, it’s a good disinfectant and can be effective for mattress dry cleaning. You can get vodka from any wine and beer shop to start the vodka mattress dry cleaning.

  • The vodka is a multipurpose beverage, just don’t drink while cleaning, it can kill bacteria at the same time sanitize the mattress. Also, vodka is safe on skin, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Now pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on the mattress directly, when the one side is done let it dry then only flip the mattress and apply the vodka again on the other side
  • Just make sure that the vodka is completely dry when you lay the bedsheet again
Professional Mattress Cleaners
Professional Mattress Cleaners

Call Professionals For A Complete Mattress Cleaning.

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