As a parent and a homeowner, we understand how hard it is to manage all the household activities. You have to regularly clean your kitchens, bathroom and do the laundry as well and also figure out the way to keep the floor, upholstery and the carpets clean.

We feel you, and this is why Miss Maid is here to help you manage a part of your work by taking care of your carpets.

Miss Maid is a leading carpet cleaning company in Perth and restores, refreshes and rejuvenates your carpets on the go!

Carpet Cleaning Perth
Carpet Cleaning Perth

Do You Carpets Need Cleaning?

Carpets at home and offices face lots of wear and tear. They get spoiled with traffic lanes and stains and ultimately need replacement. Let’s make you aware about some facts about dirty carpets that you might not be aware of:

  • Daily indoor and outdoor activities brings lots of dirt that gets accumulated on your carpets. This dirt gets locked within the carpets fibres, and becomes permanent with time and gives rise to traffic lanes.
  • Just go through the carpet pile, you will notice small pellets of soil and dirt within them. This cannot be cleaned by home vacuum cleaners.
  • Carpets act as trapping machines for your house, they do a wonderful job of trapping contaminants such as pollen, smoke, bacterial and fungal spores. These contaminants, if not removed, will harm the family members.
  • Along with the above contaminants, carpets also act as a breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites and their dropping that triggers many respiratory disorders.
  • Carpets are capable of holding dirt about four times their weight. Thus, their cleaning and professional cleaning becomes an important task.
  • Carpets, besides providing warmth and comfort to your house, are known to harbour 4,000 types of different germs and thus can be dirtier than a toilet seat.

    Carpet Cleaning Service Before and After
    Carpet Cleaning Service Before and After

Hire Miss Maid for Perfect Results

Miss Maid Perth offers all types of carpet cleaning services to match all your needs. We have got you covered in Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Miss Maid is the ultimate place to get expert carpet cleaning services for your home and offices. We can bring new life to your furnishings and carpets. We guarantee that you shall be impressed with our results.

We ensure you that you can live and work in a safe, healthy environment because of our quality services. Our carpet cleaners cleans your carpets following manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve perfect and clean carpets. Our carpet cleaning services not only add beauty and elegance to your house but also prolongs their life.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Perth

Just think how many customers/employees enter your business each day and their footwear land directly on your carpets. They leave lots of residue and germs on the carpets that many times goes unnoticed.

Our commercial cleaning program helps get you rid with all this mess. Choose Miss Maid Perth to have spotless, sanitized and odourless carpets. While cleaning commercial carpets, we make sure that our services are:

  • Fast and reliable
  • Stain resistant
  • Fibre protector included
  • Cover every area from floor to ceiling
  • Maintenance package included

    Carpet Stain Removal Service
    Carpet Stain Removal Service

Our Prompt and Professional Services

Carpet cleaning Perth offers extensive range of services to cover all your needs. Our full selection of cleaning services shall suit your office and house maintenance plans.

  • Spot and stain removal

    We remove all types of satins and spots. Our professionals help you get rid of them with their expert cleaning strategies.

  • Pet dander and odour removal

    Pets create great nuisance at home. Their urine, faecal matter and dander causes infection and their odour is hard to treat. Our sanitizing and odour guard method helps kill all the smell and dander within seconds.

  • Chemical free carpet cleaning

    We provide an absolutely chemical-free carpet cleaning. So, be assured, neither the carpet nor any of the family members shall be harmed by the cleaning process.

  • Carpet water damage restoration

    If your carpets have suffered damage from flood, has grown mould over it, we will get your carpets restored on the go.

  • Carpet stretching

    In case, your carpets have torn out or have wrinkles on it, our carpet stretching services will help you get overcome with all these problems.

    Carpet Water Damage Restoration
    Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Our Carpet Restoration and Care Includes the Following Steps

For knowledge have a look at the carpet cleaning process that our professionals adopt:

  • Our professionals do a visual inspection of the carpets. They examine the extent of dirt in your carpets and help you choose the most suitable method of cleaning.
  • They remove the overlying dry soil with the help of commercial twin motor vacuum cleaner.
  • We give a pre-treatment to the stubborn spots and stains so that they can be rinsed at later stages.
  • We then apply a pre-conditioner to the entire carpet to breakdown all the embedded dirt.
  • The agitation step leaves the embedded soil suspended within the carpet fibres that makes its extraction easy.
  • We rinse the carpet with an extraction machine.
  • We dry the carpets with help of high velocity air movers.
  • Lastly, post inspection of the carpet assures that no stains are left out on the carpets.

Our Standard of Accreditation

Our cleaners are fully trained and services certified and insured. We are proud members of many government training institutions and that is a registered trademark for us.

We have years of expertise in carpet cleaning and very well know how to handle every cleaning needs of our customers.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service
Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service

Why Do We Have So Many Happy Customers?

There is no better service than Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets. Our work speaks about us and that why we have a list of happy customers. The reason for their happiness and trust is:

  • Our commitment towards excellent customer service
  • Incredible and unique zero residue cleaning process
  • Transparency in the work
  • Extraordinary results
  • Affordable rates
  • No hidden costs

So if you have any carpet cleaning need, do not forget to call Miss Maid for quality carpet cleaning in Perth.

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

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