Sparky Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra

Though, carpet and rugs make your house look very beautiful but maintaining them can be quite a hectic and hassle full job. Owing to their size and weight, it is quite difficult to clean them properly.

Nothing to worry, Miss Maid is here at your service. Our list of customers includes very elite members from various fields. They love our services and are extremely satisfied with our work as well. We never leave even a slight scope of complaint behind us.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra
Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra

Miss Maid provides effective carpet cleaning services in Canberra. Our team consists of local certified and licensed carpet cleaners in Canberra which will restore your carpet as new as forever.

Why is it Necessary to Clean Carpets?

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to keep the carpets of the house neat and clean. This is owing to the following reasons:

  • If you don’t clean the carpets regularly then, dirt and dust are likely to settle down and get stuck in the fur of the carpets. This dust and dirt get transferred to the pets and family members also. This proves to be very unhygienic for their health.
  • Dirty carpets are very harmful to people who suffer from diseases like Asthma, and other issues related to the respiratory system.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Canberra
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Canberra
  • The spills and the droppings which are not cleaned for a long time often get stuck in the carpet fur. A certain type of fungus and bacteria start growing in them. This makes the environment of the house very unhealthy to live in.
  • Your kids might love to play and walk on the carpets. This way their body gets in the direct contact with the dust and dirt present in these carpets. It is very harmful to their health.
  • Further, the dust and the dirt of the carpets reduce their shine and make them less lustrous.
  • Above all, dirty carpets make your house look messy and very unpleasant.

DIY Ways to Clean Carpets in Canberra

You can attempt to clean your carpets at home with the help of following methods:

Carpet Shampooing Services in Canberra
Carpet Shampooing Services in Canberra
  • First and the foremost thing to do is clean the carpets on a regular basis. Not only vacuuming is important, but doing it in right way is of extreme importance. Move the vacuum cleaner in the right manner, starting from the edges. This ensures the fact that the fur does not get destroyed.
  • Always try to blot the spills rather than rubbing them. Dab a piece of cloth with a cleaning agent, and simply put it over the stain and press it, this is known as blotting. Don’t rub it, as this spreads the stains and the spills all over the carpet.
  • Stains of beer and wine can easily be removed with the help of club soda. Take one part of club soda and add 2-3 part of water and make a mixture. Now, with the help of a cloth, blot away the spills and the stains.
  • Often gum sticks to your carpet. Now, this can be a real mess. Removal of the gums is very difficult, this is because as you try to remove them, they start to stick more and more with the fur of the carpet. It is best to freeze the gums. Take a few ice cubes and wrap it in a cotton cloth. Now, keep it over the area where the gum has fallen and leave it for some time. After some time, you will observe that the gums easily come out.
  • If pets are present in the house, there are possibilities that they can pee on it. Don’t worry. Try to use some organic chemical to clean them, rather than harsh chemicals. This is due to the reason that harsh chemicals are not good for the life of the carpets and they destroy the texture of the carpets.

But, it is not as easy to clean the carpets as it seems! This is where Miss Maid steps in, and helps you clean carpets professionally in Canberra.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Capet Stain Removal Services Canberra
Capet Stain Removal Services Canberra
  • Once you book an appointment with Miss Maid, we send two of our experts to the site to inspect the damage done.
  • On the second day, our team of experts goes to the site and starts the work. First of all, we remove all the furniture and other items present in the rooms. Then we start with vacuuming the carpets. We take special care of the way and the manner in which the carpets are cleaned. We make sure to move the vacuum machine in the right direction and along the lines, starting from the corners.
  • Vacuuming makes our work further easier. Then we focus on dry stains and spills. Miss Maid uses organic cleaning agents in order to clean them. We make a mixture of water and a good quality organic chemical. Dab various cotton clothes into this mixture. Then blot hose stains with them.
  • After this, we wash the entire carpet with the help of a disinfectant cleaning agent. Then again wash it with lukewarm water. Warm water kills all kinds of bacteria and germs as well.
  • Then, we blow dry the carpets and then leave them in sunlight. Sun rays help to remove all kinds of harmful bacteria which may have been left behind.
  • We re-decorate the house again and this finishes our work.

Why Hire Miss Maid Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra?

  • Our highly skilled local team of carpet cleaners is highly skilled and trained perfectly in their work. They are well educated as well.
  • Our carpet cleaning services are nominally priced.
  • The tools and the technology we use in order to clean the carpets are best and according to the latest technology.
  • The chemicals we use to clean the carpets are purely organic and they don’t cause any harm.
  • We are present online 24*7 for our beloved customers and you can easily book an appointment with just a call!

Thus, look no further and get your carpets cleaned today with us!

Location: Canberra, ACT Australia

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