Carpets are cozy, comfortable and provide elegance to your décor. But over time, their stain resistant cover becomes less effective due to which the carpet cover fades and they become prone to damage.

The best way to keep them in their original texture and shape is by getting them regularly cleaned by the professional carpet cleaners.

Miss Maid is a leading carpet cleaner in Brisbane which cleans all types of carpets by using eco-friendly solutions. Contact us today to know more!

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane
Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Fast, Effective and Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Miss Maid cares for the environment. Therefore, we only use environmental friendly products for cleaning your carpets that safe for you and your family members.

Select any of the services that matches your needs:

  • Carpet Installation

Want to get your new carpets installed?  Our skilled professionals install all types of carpets, whether floor or wall carpets, for you correctly.

  • Carpet cleaning and restoration

Besides cleaning dust and dirt from the carpet, our professionals restore the worn out carpets to make them look new and fresh as before.

  • Emergency flood and water damage carpet cleaning

Flood is a natural calamity and can damage your carpets to a large extent. Our professionals carry out a detailed assessment of the damage and restore your carpets on the go.

flood and Water Damage Carpet Cleaning
flood and Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning in Brisbane

Miss Maid is a specialist in both dry and steam cleaning of carpets.

  • Dry cleaning is suitable for surface cleaning and for older carpets that have heavy foot traffic.
  • Steam cleaning is one of the most effective way to sanitize carpets and for removing stubborn stains from it.

The question is how we use these methods?

  • These methods are specifically used for heavy and expensive carpets. They also maintains the pile/fabric of your carpets and prevents them from any damage.
  • Depending on the carpet fabric and the type of grime that needs removal, our carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals make their choice between dry and steam carpet cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning method utilizes a dry powder that is rubbed on the carpets with the help of rotating bonnet machine. The powder absorbs all the dirt.
  • Steam carpet cleaning involves the infusion of hot water inside the fiber of the carpet under very high pressure; this causes the dirt to swell. We extract out the water along with pollutants and bacteria. After 3-4 hours of through drying, the carpets are ready for use.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Our Array of Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Carpet fire and smoke restoration
  • Cleaning cat urine from carpet
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • Carpet repair and re-installation
  • Carpet sewage restoration
  • Pet hair removal from carpet
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet mould restoration

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Process

Have a look at our certified and guaranteed carpet cleaning process:

  • We start with pre-inspecting the carpets for their age and fabric.
  • Next, we dust and vacuum the carpet pile thoroughly for the removal of superficial dirt.
  • We treat the carpet with an industry-professional grade shampoo. This attacks the deeply embedded dirt within the carpet fibres. The stubborn stains of urine, blood, and feces are given personal attention too.
  • The heavily soiled areas are also given special attention and treatment.
  • Depending on the fabric, we further dry or steam clean it. With the help of industrial blowers, we dry the carpets; it is ready for use within 3-5 hours of the process.
  • After this, we apply a carpet guard on the carpets that protects it from any future spills, maintains the cleanliness and prolongs it life.
  • Lastly, we do a final inspection of the carpets for any left out stains. If there are any left out areas, we re-treat them back.

    Carpet Restoration Services
    Carpet Restoration Services

Why is Miss Maid the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Brisbane?

What makes us the most trusted and recommended choice of most of the customers? Have a look:

  • We are reliable and never keep you waiting after you have booked our service
  • All our services are available at affordable prices with discounts on additional jobs
  • All our technician and servicemen are licensed and skilled
  • Services that we provide are also insured
  • Staff and the supporting staff are polite, helpful and courteous
  • We work for your satisfaction, all the work is done right in its first attempt
  • We have multiple payment options for your convenience
  • We work 24 hours of the day and are also available on weekdays

What is Unique about Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

With so many services available under one single rood, you can opt for more than one service at a time. In doing so, you become eligible for heavy discounts that we offer on opting combined services.

You can opt for the end of lease cleaning or one-off cleaning combined with any of the carpet cleaning services mentioned above. Other than this we also offer services like hard floor cleaning for wooden and tiled surfaces.

If any of your needs do not match with the services mentioned above, just contact us and discuss your problem with our team, we shall take out a solution for it.

Carpet Stain Removal Services
Carpet Stain Removal Services

Carpet Stain Removal Brisbane

Carpet stain removal is one of the specialised services we offer in Brisbane. Stains on the carpet are not an uncommon scenario, but not treating them on time can make them permanent. However, if it’s already too late, you are not able to remove them from the carpets, go for professional help and hire carpet stain removal services. We at Miss Maid cleaning offer amazing services for carpet stain treatment at affordable prices. Whether its stubborn wine stain or toughest ink stain, we can remove your carpets to perfection.

Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Brisbane

We strictly maintain all the standards of cleaning, and we always complete our jobs according to the government institutions.

All our professionals and technicians are fully trained and accredited to Interactive Training International, that is, we understand fully about the technology of carpet cleaning. We have the expertise to clean and restore any type of carpet, any fabric whether it is wool, synthetic or any combination material.

On booking our services, you shall receive our best services in Brisbane.

Carpet Sanitisation Service
Carpet Sanitisation Service

Our prices being competitive are also affordable and guaranteed and that’s why we are one of the most reliable and trusted services for carpet cleaning Brisbane.

Without proper and professional care, your carpets would lose their vibrancy, lush and texture. To avoid their extensive damage, call Miss Maid today.

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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